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My name is Taylor, and I’m here to guide you through the process of learning to sell online with Amazon. I’m here to be your one stop shop for the information you need, support through your new reselling journey. You will follow the map to trade secrets from the comfort of your own home (or coffee shop). I have the treasure map and despite what others say, this map is not inclusive, and there's plenty of treasure to go around. I'll show you where the X is so you can have the financial freedom you were looking for. 

Taylor is a 25 year old entrepreneur who has been reselling and searching for deals since her early teen years. She began reselling by selling high end and trending clothing on Poshmark, and quickly realized reselling was her passion. She wanted to grow into more avenues other than clothing. Which brought her to the Amazon world. She is very passionate about coaching other entrepreneurial minded people and helping them grow their reselling business.


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